Performance, Productivity,

and Efficiency.


To inspire people into action through stories, skills, and techniques, so together, each of us can enjoy happy and fulfilled lives.

Everybody is busy, burned out and overwhelmed.

In today's modern life, no matter what we do, we never seem to have enough time.

I help people solve their time dilemma.

I do this by taking a mindfulness approach to time, looking at the entire 24 hours as valuable time used in ways that support a happy, healthy, and balanced life.

01. Consulting

Focused on customer value, product adoption, retention and service advocacy helping businesses scale at any stage, established and growing brands to tech startup.

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02. Training

A thought leader on time, focused on productivity and efficiency with more than 22 years of experience. Delivery, curriculum development, and LMS.

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03. Development

A skilled cross-functional leader focused on customer acquisition, experience & success, retention across multiple verticals with tech marketing fundamentals.

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