Author, Speaker &

Performance Consultant

A thought leader on time, focused on business operations and productivity with more than 22 years of global reach responsible for continued vision, leadership, and management.

I’m experienced on the subjects of time, efficiency, and work-life integration, helping individuals and organization elevate their performance.

When I’m not talking about time or giving a lecture, I’m consulting with leaders and organizations on productivity, process management, strategy, and business development.

I’m the author of Attack Your Day Before It Attacks You, first published in 2010.  A revised edition was published in 2012 by Financial Times Press in three languages.

I’ve been talking about time since 2002, that’s when I joined the family business.

Most of the concepts I talk about aren’t my own. They stem from collaboration with my “late” father, Trapper Woods, who spent twenty-three years as a time management expert, and Day-Timer’s exclusive training partner. 

I also discover ideas through reading, researching, and practical application in my own life and by helping leaders and businesses I consult with.

I certainly don’t have all the answers and still have a lot to learn. But If what I do helps you reduce your anxiety, stress, and overwhelm while improving the quality of your life, then I’ve done my job.  Are you ready to AYD?

Fun Facts;

I’m an Ironman triathlete. I enjoy the outdoors hiking with my Great Dane, skiing the rocky mountains, exploring National parks and building things with my hands, which includes renovating old houses.

I’m enjoy the outdoors hiking with my Great Dane. Skiing in the Utah mountains, Camping, and endurance sports.